Disco cross n.6

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Autori Vari - Genere: Compilation dance - Anno: 1984. F1TEAM LP 33314

Side 1: SMURF "Here comes the rain, Dance hall days", VALERIE DORE "The night", BAISER "Summer breeze", JAMES KAHN "One million stars", ROBBIE RAE "Finger on it", KAREN YOUNG "Hot for you (dub version)", THE PUPPETS "The way of life (dance mix)". Side 2: SMURF "Somebody's watching me" EBONY feat. WAYNE ST JOHN "We all need love (dance mix), CHRIS REA "I don't know what it is but i love it", SEARCH PARTY "All around the world (party mix), BLUE ZOO "Somewhere in the world there's a cowboy smiling", PAUL PARKER "Desire", SARAH DASH "Lucky tonight", TWO SISTERS "Destiny (club mix).