Disco Magic

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Autori Vari - Genere: Compilation Italo-dance - Anno: 1990. serie DISCOMAGIC

Side 1: DOUBLE DEE "Found love", DIRTY MIND "The killer", BLACK BOX "Everybody everybody", NAGHIB "I can't stand it", BIZZ NIZZ "Don't miss the party line", NOVECENTO "I need love", MIKEL G "Show'm the bass", TONY SCOTT "Gangster boogie", NEW WEST "Hold me back". Side 2: 2U "Nothing compares", PIANONEGRO "Pianonegro", VOICE OF AFRICA "Hoomba hoomba", HOLIDAY STYLE "Crockett's style", POWER BAND "Ooops up", OLIMPIA "Beat & rap", DONNA "Vogue", TONY CARRASCO "Do that dance", GOURU JOASH "Infinity".