Mega Hits: the ultimate dance collection

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Autori Vari - Genere: Compilation Italo-dance - Anno: 1990. DISCOMAGIC.

Side 1: M.C.SAR & THE REAL McCOY "It's on you", L.U.P.O. "Hell or heaven", BLACK BOX "Strike it up", SECCHI feat. ORLANDO JOHNSON "I say yeah", F.P.I. PROJECT "Risky", NADINE DAYLE "I'll be your shelter, All i wanna do is make love to you", FLASHSYSTEM "Pro-gen", ISIDRO ALFARO GUITIERREZ "Nina de pelo negro", RHONDA MOORE "The best". Side 2: COLETTE "It must have been love", ALAN JONES "Eyes without a face", FIDELFATTI feat. GLEN WHITE "D.J. blues", J&B ORCHESTRA "Free spirit", N.D.A. PROJECT "Tom's diner", THE POWER BAND "Ooops up, Cult of snap, The hype, Mary had a little boy", LUCIA "Soledad".