Magic Compilation

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Autori Vari. Genere: Pop. Anno: 1985. Mixed by Marco "Hally" Galli. DISCO MAGIC LP 268.


Side 1: Medley (Machinery, Girl's got a brand new toy, Maria Magdalena, Immagination, We don't need another hero), NICKY & NICKY "Souvenir", KRIS TALLOW "Mister J", J.J. YOUNG "Nineteen-Rock it", NO SOUL "Off limits", FLEXI COWBOYS "Domination", DEN HARROW "To meet me + A taste of love". Side 2: KONGO BAND "Afrikan man", LEE MARROW "Sayonara + Shanghai", VISIONS "Everybody", RADIORAMA "Chance to desire" JOHN ARROW "It's late tonight", ANGELS "Star of the street".